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Efficient warehouse management turns Imerco's ambitions into reality

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About Imerco

Imerco is Denmark’s leading omnichannel retailer of kitchen equipment, table settings, gifts, and home accessories, boasting 165 physical stores, an online shop with over 30,000 items, and a customer club with more than 1.5 million members. Founded in 1928, the chain has 165 stores distributed across the entirety of Denmark.

12.500 sqm.
stock keeping units

Impactful transformation

Imerco realized as early as 2014 that sometimes it makes sense to change something that works. This became evident when they established their large central warehouse in Vallensbæk and decided to implement a WMS (Warehouse Management System) in collaboration with Apport. The close contact between Imerco and Apport ensured a smooth implementation with quick decisions and minimal downtime. With stores scattered across the country, it was crucial for Imerco to avoid errors and downtime, as this could have financial implications.

"With the scale of our warehouse and online shop, a WMS is essential to support our operations. Without it, maintaining efficient warehouse management would be impossible."

Shortly after the implementation, they began to feel the positive changes. In particular, the opportunity for more flexible workflows and continuous adaptation of the processes was seen as a major advantage compared to the previous manual picking and packing process. Efficiency increased significantly, and it now takes considerably less time to process an order. Previously, they could only produce one order in the same timeframe, where they can now handle three.


Streamlining with automation

A decade into their partnership with Apport Systems, Imerco saw integrating the new AutoStore solution with their existing WMS system as a logical step. Consequently, they opted to acquire Apport’s AutoStore Framework module, which seamlessly integrates the AutoStore solution with the rest of the warehouse operations, ensuring coherence across the storage facility. This move provided Imerco with the confidence that their system would be operational from day one, offering real-time insights into the locations of their 30,000 stock keeping units (SKUs).

In the B2C sector, AutoStore has enabled Imerco to streamline operations and reduce the need for warehouse staff, which in turn has minimized internal traffic and liberated additional space for their B2B department. Within the B2C department, Imerco employs Apport’s system at their packing stations to guarantee that customers always receive the correct items upon delivery.

Apport Systems is a part of Imercos 'Plan 500'.

The future

Geared for growth

Since its launch in March 2014, Imerco’s central warehouse operations have evolved to run more smoothly than ever. In their peak season, they adeptly manage up to 15,000 orders daily, with aspirations to escalate their growth trajectory. Being visionary and ambitious, Imerco, in collaboration with Apport, prioritizes scaling their warehouse capabilities to accommodate future expansion. Anticipated growth is expected predominantly from digital avenues, spanning both brick-and-mortar stores and the online marketplace. To this end, Imerco is refining their Click-and-Collect services and streamlining operations for heightened efficiency.

This drive for excellence entails a dynamic and ongoing optimization and development of their warehouse processes, undertaken in close partnership with Apport. Together, they engage in a proactive development journey, meticulously planning for the forthcoming years to cement a thriving future.

"We have specific needs that the current system might not address. Our robust dialogue with Apport is centered on evolving the system to meet our ideal operational standards."