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Apport WMS assists Retail in meeting increased market demands

Retail is pressured by rising customer expectations. This makes warehouse optimization and focus on internal logistics processes a necessity if retail chains are to meet these demands.

Retail ...

– operates in a rapidly changing market, pressed among other things by e-commerce. This places demands on the internal logistics of retail chains in terms of being able to deliver quickly and without error.

The availability of goods is alpha and omega, and therefore the industry generally focuses on optimizing their Supply Chain Management. Many companies in the retail segment face challenges regarding warehouse management, warehouse optimization, and the supply chain to the retail link. Apport WMS covers all these needs and can be scaled in line with the company’s growth.

Leading Retail Chains Choose Apport

This is one of the reasons why large retail chains such as Matas, Imerco, and Denmark’s largest retail company in furniture and home decor, IDdesign A/S (IDEmøbler and ILVA), have chosen Apport as their WMS provider.

In addition to the important optimization of logistics processes, a well-functioning, ergonomically correct, and modern warehouse is also significant for employee well-being – and thus an important element in relation to future recruitment.

Increased Focus on BI in the Retail Industry

For the retail industry, it’s important to have an individual focus on hardware that ensures the equipment specifically fits the production and delivery requirements of the industry. In addition, the retail industry could benefit from an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence, which among other things helps with better resource management.

Apport WMS customers in the Retail segment

“It’s hard to predict everything when embarking on a major efficiency improvement of the warehouse, as we did, but our calculations in relation to Apport were accurate. They met the challenge, so today we have a highly functioning warehouse that is efficient in all areas.”

- Jesper Amsinck, Logistics Manager

“One of the things that has been extremely positive in the cooperation with Apport is that they have delivered a truly dedicated effort to make things work optimally. We have always felt like an important customer, and this has both led to a better solution and a better process than if we had felt like just a number in the line.”


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