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A strong WMS for the high demands of the Food segment

The food segment is characterized, among other things, by high demands for traceability on all goods. A challenge that Apport WMS can solve.

Companies ...

– that work with food and food products, are subject to strict legal requirements in terms of traceability of goods and documentation. The food segment is also characterized by working according to the FEFO principle (first expired, first out).

Therefore, companies in this industry need to continually optimize their goods processes, which Apport WMS can support in all parts of the company.

Batch and Product Tracking

Apport WMS also offers batch and product tracking, ensuring the company against errors through tracing back in the systems and against suppliers. Professional handling of both incoming and outgoing goods is a necessity to ensure stability and growth for companies in this industry.

Choose the Right Hardware

As with other segments, we recommend that companies in the food segment have an individual focus on choosing hardware that specifically fits the production requirements of the industry. A task that Apport also has extensive experience in solving. In addition, an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence will provide great value, among other things, in terms of resource management.

Apport WMS Customers within the Food Segment

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