Simplicity in all aspects

At Apport, we are strong believers in keeping things simple. Our WMS is built with a focus on usability – we work from a project model that’s been proven to be successful and we always promise a fixed price – and keep this promise. Simple does not always equal easy, which is why you will find that we have a few demands to our cooperation. First and foremost to ourselves, but also to our customers. This is why after years of experience, we know what a WMS project requires to stay on track and end out as a success.

The results speak for themselves. Out customers generally experience an efficiency increase in their warehouse with 25-40 percent – a significant drop in picking errors and an improved work environment.

Logistics is the competitive parameter of the future

What are we supposed to live on in the future? Production has for a lot of companies moved to the east and our head start in the knowledge of it diminishes day by day. The last bastion is logistics. The winners of tomorrow are those companies, that are best at moving wares.

But consumers no longer put up with mediocre service and slow delivery and it takes a strong logistics chain to live up to their demands. At Apport we strive everyday to optimize our customers’ warehouse logistics, so that the warehouse no longer is a necessary evil, but a strong competitive advantage.

Facts about Apport
  • Founded in 2000
  • 45 employees
  • Headquarter in Denmark, sales headquarter in Denmark, and sales representatives in Norway and Sweden
  • Own development department in Denmark and Poland
  • 100+ WMS installations globally

Why are we called Apport?

Apport comes from the french word, meaning "to bring" (apporter) and is primarily used as the command a hunter gives his hunting dog, when he needs it to return its prey.

Apport WMS ensures that your products are optimally brought through the logistics chain. From receptions of goods through picking to shipping - the right product, the right way at the right time.