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Extensive experience in warehouse management for wholesalers

Apport WMS handles the specific requirements of the warehouse that apply to the wholesale industry – for example, varied lots and fast delivery to the retail link.

Wholesale companies ...

– mediate the supply of goods between manufacturers and the retail link, which often consists of a heterogeneous array of small and medium-sized stores.

One of the challenges for most wholesale companies is the handling of many different goods in both large and very small lots.

Need for warehouse optimization

Increased competition from e-Commerce challenges wholesalers and demands stringent warehouse management in terms of the turnover of goods and faster delivery times.

Thus, the wholesale segment needs warehouse optimization and a strong supply flow to the retail link. Apport WMS covers these needs and supports all processes in internal logistics. The WMS can be scaled in line with the company’s growth.

Focus on BI

The recommendation for the wholesale segment is an individual focus on hardware, which must specifically fit the industry’s production requirements and customers’ delivery demands. A task that Apport can also help to solve.

Furthermore, we recommend an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence – particularly in terms of resource management and analysis of turnover speeds.

Is your warehouse intelligent enough?

Apport WMS customers in the Wholesale segment

“To achieve our goals, it is necessary to have Apport assist in the process – they help us to tackle growth.”

- Stavros Tsamis, Warehouse Manager

“Our warehouse management means almost everything. Our customers have high demands for delivery reliability, so we need to have full control over our goods to deliver the right product at the right time.”

- Oddbjørn Pedersen-Rise, OPERATIONS DIRECTOR

“When we handled everything manually, it took about a month to train a man. We’ve put an extra man in today. He was trained yesterday.”

- Rune Midtrud, Warehouse Manager

“By implementing Apport, we have a much better overview in everyday life of how many tasks we have ahead of us. It provides a better opportunity to allocate the right resources in the right places.”

- Malene Bellinger, CEO

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