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The high growth of E-Commerce requires a strong WMS

Efficient warehouse logistics are crucial within e-commerce, and due to its scalability, Apport WMS is well-suited for a growing industry.

Without efficient...

– warehouse processes and a very low error rate in deliveries, one cannot succeed in e-commerce. Customer demands are high, and it is easy to find another webshop if the first one cannot deliver quickly enough.

The e-commerce segment is characterized by high growth and a focus on rapidly turning over goods, and constant optimizations in logistics and warehousing are a necessity.

E-commerce is subject to strict legal requirements that place such high demands on companies’ cash flow, that the management of products and their turnover is crucial.

Scalable Solution

With its built-in scalability, Apport WMS is geared to handle the rapid growth of webshops and the need for the use of multiple warehouses simultaneously. This makes Apport WMS a very suitable and economically advantageous tool for webshops, and therefore large webshops like Coolshop use Apport WMS.

E-commerce is characterized by constant changes and fierce competition, which drives companies through creative and complex processes – for example, by doing upselling through the bundling of products for special offers. A process that Apport has great experience with.

Focus on better reporting

The recommendation for the e-Commerce segment is an individual focus on hardware, so the chosen equipment specifically fits the need – a task that Apport can also assist with. Furthermore, we recommend an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence, among other things, to achieve better resource management.

Apport WMS E-commerce customers

“Apport helped me get control of the warehouse by creating an overview and making locations. Now I can both manage my purchases and how much I have in the warehouse”

- Trine Hansen, Owner

“Before, our main task was to pick and pack, and now it’s only a small part of it, and we have almost completely eliminated packing errors.”

- Ken Primby, IT & TECHNICIAN

“Apport has good references, and it seemed like a good match for us. Both on the solution that Apport could deliver, but also on the chemistry.”


“Apport met the challenge, so today we have a highly functional warehouse that is efficient in all areas.”

- Martin Pedersen, Warehouse System Manager

“Apport WMS has been crucial for the optimization of order picking and shipping, as well as hiring new colleagues.”

- Michael Carl, IT Manager

“Our goal is to develop together with the desires of our customers – and we can do that with help from Apport WMS.”

- Camilla Haltbakk, Supply Chain Manager

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