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Robust WMS for the Healthcare Sector

Apport WMS supports the healthcare sector’s great need for traceability and to meet strict regulatory requirements.

Institutions in the healthcare sector ...

– and pharmaceutical companies have a strong focus on traceability and regulatory compliance in logistics. In production particularly and in the supply chain in general, safety plays a major role. The products in this segment, for example, can be sterile or temperature-sensitive goods, and there may also be large shipments that require meticulous internal and external logistics handling.

Significant Savings Potential

For many companies in this segment, there is a significant potential for savings in terms of supply routes and internal processes. Apport WMS facilitates this. The system contributes to constant economic optimization, for example, through warehouse optimization and placement suggestions for picking.

Individual Focus on Hardware

We recommend that companies in the healthcare sector have an individual focus on hardware, so that the chosen equipment matches the industry’s production and supply requirements. Additionally, an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence can improve resource management and contribute to ongoing analysis of placements in the warehouse.

Apport WMS Customers in the Healthcare Sector

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