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A WMS for the high demands of the automotive and aviation industries

Apport WMS supports the automotive and aviation industries’ strong focus on quality assurance and tracking of goods.


– in the automotive and aviation industries (Automotive & Aerospace) typically work with high demands for control of goods throughout the supply chain.

Apport WMS supports these very high demands for quality assurance through tracking of goods and thus contributes to an increased focus on cost optimization, as it becomes faster to identify any errors.

In the Automotive & Aerospace segment, there is often a focus on strict requirements for technological development and optimization of time-to-market. Apport WMS supports this process in several ways, including through integration with automation solutions.

Choose the Right Hardware

The recommendation for the Automotive & Aerospace segment, as with other segments, is an individual focus on hardware, so the equipment meets the specific needs of the industry.

Additionally, for example, resource management can be optimized through an increased focus on reporting through Business Intelligence.

Apport WMS customers in the Automotive and Aviation Industries

“We have gained an approach to good management information in both systems. KPI data, which makes us know more detailed how our business is running and performing. It has been a very positive experience for us.”

- Morten Hallum, Logistics & IT Director

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