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Apport WMS-kunder inden for distribution

Apport WMS supports the needs of distribution companies for optimizing goods flows and complex processes.

Distribution companies ...

– are generally characterized by extremely high demands for executing and optimizing goods flows through numerous physical warehouses.

The best companies in this industry therefore continuously work on optimizing complex logistical processes, which Apport WMS supports in all parts of the company.

Ensures Better Cash Flow

The WMS ensures fast order processing, which enables quicker invoicing and achieving better cash flow.

Professional handling of both incoming and outgoing goods is a necessity in today’s competitive society to ensure growth for companies in this industry.

BI Improves Resource Management

Like other industries, the distribution sector should focus on choosing hardware that precisely fits the industry’s production requirements, which Apport Systems can assist with.

Additionally, an increased focus on Business Intelligence and enhanced reporting offers opportunities for, for example, improved resource management.

Apport WMS Customers within Distribution

“Our error rate has decreased by 77 percent. This is significant because it is a high priority for us to deliver correctly every time.”

- Lennart Andersson, Senior Advisor & Operations Manager

Would you like to optimize your warehouse by 30%?

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