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Differentiate yourself and create great customer value with Apport WMS

Would you like to differentiate your business’s warehouse? Get specific suggestions to how your business gains a sustainable competitive advantage with a WMS. 

WMS you say?

We rather not want to start out by scaring you away by asking, who your logistic associate or partner is. That is why we instead ask you: do you have a WMS?

A WMS or not, you probably want your business and warehouse logistics to differentiate from competitors. Sometimes it is just easier said than done. And to make a clear distinction from start, then warehouse management system and WMS are two wordings for the same thing. Let us stick to shortest word then, namely WMS. 

Basic knowledge of a WMS

A WMS is a system that can optimize the efficiency of your warehouse and its functions right from the receipt of goods to the dispatch of pre-packaged orders. Thus, a WMS enables increased warehouse efficiencies by creating overview, reducing errors and inventory shrinkage. In addition, a WMS provides your employees surplus and overview, which enable them to succeed in working and solving work tasks faster. In short, you can improve your warehouse’s space utilization, and that has a huge effect on customer satisfaction.  

Checklist to a successful WMS-implementation

What do I need to consider if I want to implement a WMS? Get 5 tips on how to ensure a successful WMS-implementation.

"With a WMS you can measure everything: from the warehouse balance of a particular item to your employees’ time consumption of picking routes.”

Your benefits with Apport WMS

As you now know the basics of what a WMS is, let us create an overview regarding what Apport WMS is and even better, how your business gets a so-called sustainable competitive advantage, in which you generate increased customer value. Summarized, how do you differentiate yourself. 

With Apport WMS, the system itself optimises the entire process from receipt to shipment by placing the goods as close as possible to the locations they are needed. This can be your shipping and picking stations. Also, Apport WMS provides your employees with what to pick and which orders to pick simultaneously – called batch picking, and thus provides more efficient working routines and minimises error picking. Hereby, you avoid errors in the shipments, and it generates satisfied customers. 

Apport WMS with a human face 

Just as you like to stand out from the crowd, so does Apport WMS. 

Forget about the technicalities for a moment. Apport believes it is the focus on people and change processes in your business that makes all the difference, and this focus should be the foundation of your strong warehouse management system. Respectively, efficient warehouse management is about you putting people over system, think processes over technology, and support it with proven software. Moreover, you can also read about 6 indirect benefits a WMS provides your business with.


A WMS project that stays on budget

Another factor that our Apport WMS differentiates itself by compared to the industry is: a WMS project that stays on budget. 

Is this possible, you ask? And yes, it is possible. We dispel the myth saying that you can never count on the price and schedule to last when the IT project has been launched. Nevertheless, we are the only WMS-distributor in the industry, who always provide a fixed price on our WMS project. You can be sure that your budget won’t spin out of control, and you can expect a short payback period of 12-18 months. 

WMS optimizes the warehouse with 25-40%​

Do I need a WMS?

In the past, a WMS has most often been referred to as something the very large, complex enterprises had. However, even a smaller business needs to be in control of its warehouse, have effective employees, and satisfied customers. Accordingly, Apport WMS is not only for businesses with a massive or growing warehouse, and throughout our 20 years of experience, we have gathered our best advice on how you, as a start-up business, can leverage your logistics for Gazelle growth – get your five advice here. (Note, the advice is in Danish) 

The vast majority of firms, doing business online, who consider investing in a WMS, do so, because they need to professionalize their warehouse. But in addition to great warehouse management, a WMS will be able to generate a positive effect on the rest of your company – Even in the small webshop that demands simple warehouse management, optimization of picking routes, and a better overview, and for the large, complex omni-channel business. 


Meet some of our customers

More than 180 companies put their faith in Apport WMS. We help them strive towards delivering the right products at the right time for their customers. Meet some of them here.