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The right WMS solution for FMCG companies

Apport WMS supports the FMCG segment’s need to base goods handling on expiration dates and the specific storage routines that characterize a warehouse with a short time horizon for each dispatch.

If you ...

– work with groceries and similar items in the FMCG segment (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), you know that companies in this segment are characterized, among other things, by basing their goods handling on the FEFO principle (first expired, first out).

Apport WMS supports the need for a very high degree of control over goods based on expiration dates and the industry’s focus on delivery reliability and traceability, which are necessities when delivering groceries to customers. Grouping goods for dispatch is also a natural element in the structure of Apport WMS.

Fast Dispatches and Many Users

In the FMCG segment, storage routines are often based on a large number of “time slots” due to the short time horizon for each dispatch. Apport WMS takes this into account, and the system is built to handle the many users who often use the system simultaneously.

When we work with companies in the FMCG segment, we often recommend that they focus on selecting hardware that specifically suits the company’s needs and, not least, the future growth scenario.

Incorporate BI into the WMS Solution

Additionally, companies in the FMCG segment often gain significant value by focusing on a solution that makes more of reporting through Business Intelligence (BI). There can be major gains to be had by optimizing resource management in these types of warehouses.

Apport WMS customers in the FMCG segment

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