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Apport Warehouse Control System

With Apport WCS, you future-proof your business.

With a Warehouse Control System, you future-proof your business, as WCS enables you to integrate with new external systems while you grow. It may be that you have already considered implementing automation, such as palletizing robots, automatic shipping lines, or autostore. If so, WCS holds great value and is essentially a system that comes with Apport’s warehouse management system completely free.

WCS handles all the traffic and dialogue between your Apport warehouse management system and the automation you have and will have in the future. The system communicates with all your external integration systems, ensuring the connection between the systems and Apport WMS. This means that WCS acts as a traffic policy, ensuring that activities happen in the right sequence, the right order, and that the correct responses are delivered back and forth.

Apport WCS comes free of charge when you get Apport WMS. This is also the system that assists in integrating with the ERP system, while also ensuring integration with, for example, the warehouse automation or other third-party integrations you may have for automation.

Your benefits with Apport WCS:

Future-proof business.

WCS is the system that handles all communication and connects all external systems outside Apport WMS to Apport WMS. Without WCS, each external system must be built into the warehouse system.

Automation and growth.

WCS is particularly interesting for those considering automation or multiple automation solutions. Since WCS is built into Apport WMS, you get all the benefits from both systems, and you can eventually achieve the level of automation you desire.


WCS creates efficiency, allowing you to happily forget this unpleasant scenario: Previously, it was a challenge to first obtain your WMS and then develop it to communicate with each new external system.

Traffic regulator.

WCS’s ability as a traffic regulator ensures that activities happen correctly and provides clear warnings if something is not functioning. All information and warnings about any log errors are immediately presented in the Apport WMS Dashboard.

Integration tool.

WCS serves as your integration tool, future-proofing your business for integrating automation solutions.

Automation solutions.

Do you have great ideas and dreams about future automations? WCS makes it easy for you, whether we’re talking about mini-load cranes, autostore with robots, palletizing robots, or goods-to-man stations.

Easy and straightforward. That's what you need to consider.

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Apport WCS, because you want to enhance your capabilities.

A valuable tool.

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