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Secure and access your precious data at all times with Apport Archiving

Can you use warehouse transaction data to enhance warehouse workflows and, consequently, improve the customer experience? The simple answer: yes, you can.

Data serves as the foundation for improvements. With Apport’s archiving module, all transaction data is preserved indefinitely, including data associated with orders, such as item master data. By having a comprehensive overview of this vital data, you can optimize current warehouse processes, meet traceability requirements, and respond to statistics that guide you and your colleagues toward better business decisions. Ultimately, this leads to more satisfied customers and the potential for increased revenue.

What is Apport Archiving?

With the Apport Archiving module, all transaction data from Apport WMS is retained indefinitely, or until you actively choose to delete it. This retention doesn’t come at the expense of your warehouse management system’s speed. The archiving module intelligently stores all collected data in a separate database, preventing any accumulation within the warehouse management system and ensuring its optimal performance.

Data is often likened to gold for its inherent value. And like gold, data should be harnessed. With stored data, you have the power to extract valuable statistics, achieve complete traceability, perform in-depth analysis, and arrive at well-informed conclusions. Crucially, you can continually update and enhance your current operations. For instance, you can analyze the efficiency of warehouse workflows, including item picking, inventory receipts, and more.

The archiving module is the guardian of your data, and you wield its potential. Think of it as embarking on a gold rush, but one that’s hassle-free, where you tap into its inherent value. It might even be a regulatory requirement to retain data for up to 5 years for batch tracking or to address customer complaints within their 2-year warranty period. Managing this is effortless with your stored data.

When you choose Apport WMS, you automatically gain access to the Apport Archiving module as part of the solution. However, to unlock the full ‘indefinite’ data retention capabilities, ensuring your data isn’t deleted after the standard 180 days, you can opt for the additional module that encompasses all the features mentioned earlier. We handle the setup of the archiving module, securely storing all data in a dedicated database. Your next step could involve integrating this database with your Business Intelligence tools, generating comprehensive reports, or even incorporating Apport Data Analyzer, which streamlines the entire process for you.

When should you consider Apport Archiving?

Your advantages with Apport Archiving.

Save the gold.

Data is the foundation for improvements. The archiving module preserves data. You make use of it.

180 days or indefinitely.

The Apport Archiving module stores all transaction data from Apport WMS indefinitely.

Make the most of your data.

The activation module provides data for analysis, retrieves statistics, and draws conclusions from it.


Don’t compromise on the speed of the warehouse management system. The archiving module stores all data in a separate database, preventing it from causing slowdowns in the warehouse management system.

The foundation for optimization.

Update and optimize current operations, for example, by analyzing the speed of warehouse workflows, including item picking, and what has been received in the inventory, and much more.

Business Intelligence integration.

Utilize data with BI integration, such as Apport Data Analyzer, which provides you with deep insights into your logistics.

See how Bellinger House transitioned from manual to automated processes

"We spent a lot of time organizing our warehouse since we launch more than 100 models every year. This meant that we had to manually move things each time - and carefully consider their practical placement. It was a task too complex to handle manually."

Malene Bellinger
The CEO of Bellinger House

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