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Optimize your production with Apport Warehouse MES

Today, manufacturing companies are characterized by an extreme focus on profitability throughout the supply chain, placing high demands on internal logistics. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure seamless coordination between your warehouse and production. This is where Apport Warehouse MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) comes into play.

What is Apport MES?

Apport Warehouse MES is a module that connects the logistics between production and the warehouse. With this module, you can track your products and production orders using a touchscreen at each individual work center, giving you a clear overview of the processes in your warehouse.

With Apport MES, you can have real-time updates and insights into everything happening in the system. The touchscreen allows you to view stock levels at the work center, stock levels in transit to the work center, and provides information about production and any shortages. This means that when you work with stock or move items, you can instantly see the changes in the system.

In other words, you can be confident that the necessary raw materials for production can be efficiently moved from the warehouse to the production area, and finished goods can easily be returned to the warehouse.

You should consider Apport MES if...

The benefits of Apport MES:

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Paperless Production

The module frees up resources from manual data entry and manual routines between production, warehouse, and administration. All communication that used to be on paper disappears with this module, providing flexibility and overview.

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Everything is handled via touchscreen, improving communication between staff. On the screen, you can access everything from job instructions and packing instructions to short messages related to production.

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Increased Traceability

Improved labeling of carriers, increasing traceability in production. With MES, you can always precisely identify the location of materials, stocks, and finished products.

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Real-Time Updates

The system is updated in real-time, so all changes are reflected instantly. Through our MES system and touchscreen, you quickly get an updated overview of stocks at the workstations, during transport, and production summaries.

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Improved Disposition

MES optimizes inventory consumption by identifying available resources across workstations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a seamless production process.

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If changes occur in production, such as changes in order quantities or stock, the module can help update the disposition plan and adjust resources accordingly.

See how Berry Superfos uses MES

"The great thing about having both Apport WMS and Apport MES is that the two systems communicate 100% seamlessly."

Martin Bering Egelund
IT & Process Manager hos Berry Superfos.

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