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Apport Data Analyzer provides deep insights and opportunities in your logistics

Can you answer questions like, “What did it cost your warehouse to handle the latest sales campaign?” or “Which supplier is the most expensive to manage?” If you can, great! You’re effectively using your data, your gold. If not, Apport Data Analyzer can do it for you.

Apport Data Analyzer can easily analyze your data from the Apport warehouse management system and reveal hidden insights in your logistics. With the Apport Data Analyzer module, entirely new possibilities open up for turning your warehouse logistics into a competitive advantage, optimizing warehouse workflows, and ultimately providing more satisfied customers with the potential for increased revenue.

What is Apport Data Analyzer?

Apport Data Analyzer is the module for Apport WMS that enables you to analyze, act, and optimize based on your data, which the WMS system collects every day. The module gives you opportunities across your warehouse, allowing you to uncover connections that were previously hidden in all your data. In reality, only your imagination sets the limits for the analyses you can perform.

The user-friendliness of Apport Data Analyzer is notable, as it is built on the market-leading tool Tableau, known for its user-friendliness in providing everyone with an ‘aha data experience.’ Unlike regular reporting modules, the system can deliver ready-to-use operational analyses with underlying causes, without you having to work with the numbers yourself.

The module is created in collaboration with our customers and their needs, built around the reality and challenges of a modern warehouse. For example, you can get an overview of operations and insights into how much has been spent in all warehouse areas, how individual employees perform, whether the products are optimally positioned, and much more.

When should you consider Apport Data Analyzer?

Your benefits with Apport Data Analyzer

Facts over gut feelings

The module compiles data for you, providing the foundation for better decisions.

Easy and efficient

You have access to the module from both PC and mobile, and it is based on the user-friendly Tableau platform.

Analyze in detail

Perform all analyses directly in Apport Data Analyzer. The module is available as both a cloud and on-premise solution.

Utilize the gold

Data holds significant value. Apport Data Analyzer presents you with the gold so you can utilize, analyze, optimize, evaluate performance, and assess KPIs based on concrete facts.


You get clear graphs, analyses on numbers, and reports that, for example, compare picks per employee with costs per customer.

Quick and easy reporting

Extract all the reports you want to act on from the module. Only your imagination sets the limits for the analyses you can perform. Key figures can also be exported to Excel files.

Significant savings with Data Analyzer

"There are 3 levels of business intelligence. It's about understanding the past, describing the present, and predicting the future. Apport Data Analyzer is an example of a solution that can make predictions."

Jens-Jacob Aarup
CEO at Inspari

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