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Get a competitive advantage with a warehouse management system

Do you gain a competitive advantage with your warehouse? Get suggestions to how your business can differentiate itself with a warehouse management system.

What do you say, when you talk about your warehouse management?

Do you use the quite long and upscale word warehouse management system, the abbreviated word WMS, or are you more into using the word warehouse logistics? Maybe you don’t even have a warehouse management system. 

No matter what, you can easily use all three forms of wordings to tell the same story. At least, that is what we are doing at Apport. Regardless of you having a warehouse management system, you probably like your business and warehouse logistics to differentiate from others. Sometimes it is just easier said than done.


How to stand out

To help you, we offer you a description of Apport’s warehouse management system and even better, we explain how your business gains a competitive advantage and generates more customer-value with a warehouse management system. In brief, how you differentiate your business.  

Checklist to a successful WMS-implementation

What do I need to consider if I want to implement a WMS? Get 5 tips on how to ensure a successful WMS-implementation.

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Human Face

Forget the technicalities for a moment

Warehouse management system may sound fancy, but Apport believes it is the focus on people and change processes that makes all the difference, and this focus should be the foundation of your strong warehouse management system. Respectively, efficient warehouse management is about you putting people over system, think processes over technology, and support it with proven software. 

The explanation of a warehouse management system

Let’s go straight to the point. 

A warehouse management system means: managing warehouse logistics. However, it also means you having a system that enables increased warehouse efficiencies by creating overview, minimising errors, and inventory shrinkage. Additionally, a warehouse management system has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. 

You get overview and structure with Apport’s warehouse management system. And even better, you get a warehouse that gives your business a competitive advantage. 

Taking point of departure in above mentioned, we will now go further into the technicalities of a warehouse management system. Don’t worry, it is exciting. 

Warehoue optimization

Apport’s warehouse management system optimises your warehouse by enabling its staff to work faster and better due to automation of manual workflows as it provides overview. After all, this must mean satisfied customers

Here are some more concrete facts you can present to your colleagues. With Apport’s warehouse management system, you can make your warehouse at least 25 – 40% more efficient than using pen, paper, and picking notes.

Also, this average of 25 – 40% better efficiency of the warehouse is possible due to usage of the newest technology, such as electronic picking flows, barcodes, and data capture. And if you are really advanced, it likewise includes voice-controlled picking, as well as automation through robots or auto-store plants. 

3 scenarier hvor lageret ikke kan unnvær

Furthermore, Apport’s warehouse management system can be integrated into all kinds of ERP-systems, T A/TMS systems, automation solutions, and e-commerce platforms. We have provided you with some more concrete examples of such: SAP, Visma net, Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics Nav. 

A final mention to the explanation of technicalities, if you have a warehouse management system, we would like to highlight how it is filled to the brim with data. So why not take advantage of this and make the warehouse strategic? By correctly joining the data, you have a solid foundation for better decision-making. Above mentioned is possible with Apport Data Analyzer and is another opportunity for you to make your warehouse management system strategic by turning it into a crucial competitive advantage. 

WMS optimizes the warehouse with 25-40%​

A warehouse management system gives satisfied customers

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Who wouldn’t like to have happy and satisfied customers? 

With a warehouse management system, you can focus on value creation by automating your warehouse, securing your customers don’t receive wrong items, and consequently – avoid spending resources on the process of handling errors in shipping. 

Also, since a warehouse management system automates your manual warehouse’s procedures, you can practically eradicate all expensive errors in picking-procedures.  

Besides satisfied customers, our warehouse management system provides overview and peace of mind for your warehouse employees and provides them with a healthy working climate. Thus, you get a user-friendly and comfortable warehouse management system that increases your business as an attractive workplace. 

Meet some of our customers

More than 100 companies put their faith in Apport WMS. We help them strive towards delivering the right products at the right time for their customers. Meet some of them here.