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Creativ Company breaks the record every year with Apport WMS

“To reach current success by operating as we did before 2011, we would need 200 employees working in the warehouse. Thus, the previous situation is not for comparison with the current success. Apport WMS has been a huge help!” tells Maria Pedersen, Warehouse Support at Creativ Company. 

“Making an effort is one of the trademarks at Creativ Company. The firm’s spirit is that: we help each other to get better. We only get better by listening and do our best.”
Martin Pedersen
Warehouse System Manager at Creativ Company

Great training is the alpha and omega

All kinds of creative hobby materials can be found at Creativ Company. In short, Creativ Company sells to “everyone who wants to pay for the goods”, meaning, the firm cares for all customer types from individuals, schools, institutions, to stores and large chains. The firm has 18,000 item numbers, such as paper, pencils, sewing needles, yarn, wooden articles, etc.  

The number of employees at Creativ Company’s warehouse varies greatly depending on the season. In the low season, around 50 employees are working in the warehouse, and in the high season does the number of employees increase by approx. 20 people. 

Proper training is, therefore, alpha and omega due to the changeable staff. “Training is highly important, and we spend a lot of time on it to become good at it,” explains Maria Pedersen, Warehouse Support at Creativ Company.  

According to Maria Pedersen, it is in the primary areas: order picking, refilling, packaging, and start-up at which the training is easier since the tasks are routine and straightforward.   

Why Apport?

Apport got the job due to its speed and fixed price

Apport helps Creativ Company in several ways. “Before Apport WMS, you could place an order and make the order picking while an item was missing from the shelf. We used to put banknotes on the box standing on that shelf from which the item was missing, and then wait for the shelf to be filled up, which took a remarkably long time. With Apport WMS, we save an incredible amount of time, as an order cannot be started if a shelf is empty or an item missing,” tells Martin Pedersen, Warehouse System Manager at Creativ Company.

Why Apport? 

“The obvious benefits”

Competent logistics partner: Apport has developed WMS solutions for several other customers, which we can use as inspiration to continually improve our warehouse management and logistics.  

Quality: We trust that Apport ensures a collaboration where we speak the same language. It is important that what Apport develops, in fact, was what we ordered.  

As Warehouse Support, Maria Pedersen only manage Apport WMS Manager.  

Maria tells: “I manage the emails from our subsidiaries, e.g. if some orders need to have a higher priority or must change. I am able to control all this from the Apport WMS Manager, and I hereby secure that all of the orders which must be shipped today, in fact, are shipped.” 


Logistics are always challenged by distance and price

To differentiate the firm from competitors, Creativ Company is working on faster deliveries, however, logistics is always challenged by distance and price. “If we send everything by air freight, no one can afford to buy a small bag of pearls. Thus, it can be a challenge to keep delivery costs low, and as our goods are inexpensive, the shipping must be too,” says Martin Pedersen, Warehouse System Manager at Creativ Company. 

Creativ Company needs to be efficient in negotiating. “Nevertheless, the cheapest solution is not always the best solution,” explains Martin Pedersen.  

According to Maria Pedersen, the firm’s strength is its vast number of different items that make it easier for customers at Creativ Company to place large orders.   


Creativ Company

  • Creativ Company was founded in September 2000. 

  • Today, Creativ Company has room for all its products, ideas, and employees at its new and modern buildings on 14,500 m2 in Holstebro.  

  • There are around 50 employees in the low season and 70 in the high season working in the warehouse.