Apport as a workplace

How will you describe the culture at Apport?

At Apport there is room for everyone. People like each other and as colleagues, we talk well. There is a good work environment and we are good to support each other across departments. The work environment is good, and people are positive.

How do you work with your colleagues?

We support each other

“Actually, we do this a lot. This is also one of the things which I really think is positive about Apport. Even though we are different departments, we are good at supporting each other across departments because it is obvious that some people are experts within specific areas.

It is not possible to know everything and therefore we are good at making use of the different experts around the organization. Especially in my department, it is the challenge to find out what is the reason for a specific problem.

In situations like these, we often ask the developer who was involved in the specific project and since they have some knowledge about how the things were made back then.

However, we also have a developer in our department but often it is easier to talk with people who have worked with the specific project. The base knowledge will always be here” explains Merete.

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Why would you recommend

Apport to others?

“It is a really good place to be. The colleagues are good and there is room for everyone. Even though we are a lot of different people we are all good at working together.”

Merete, Technical Application Supporter at Apport

How would you describe Apport with three words?

– Good workplace

–  Good work environment

–  Great colleagues


What is the most fun experience at Apport?

Merete explains: “I think this is when we go out together and do something outside the office. Of course, there are many fun experiences at work too, but the last thing we did together outside the office was the Escape Factory. It was nice since we were also challenged a bit.”

Do you have any traditions at Apport?

“Yes! There is always an excuse or reason for cake. Every Friday we all have a morning meeting with breakfast and of course cake.

Furthermore, we have: ‘bell-cake’, Monday cake, good weather cake, birthday cake. There is always an excuse or reason for cake” explains Merete

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