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Apport Pro

A Warehouse Management System that scales with you

Apport Pro in 120 seconds

Estimate your inventory needs

Standard configuration

Integrate with your other systems

Easy to scale up and down

Create purchase orders in one place

Train employees in less than an hour

Gain control of all your processes

Apport Pro WMS is with you all the way. Right from the customers checkout until the order is sent. If the customer return products, it is easy to manage the returned orders in the warehouse management system.

Daily users
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Standard integrations
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Daily order handlings
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Goods receipt

The handheld terminal makes it possible for you to receive goods from your supplier while you collect the product’s serial number, batch number, or expiration date.


The system will automatically create refill requests for the users in the warehouse based on sales orders or minimum and maximum inventories.

Pack and ship

Terminate the order pick on the handheld terminal and let the system notify your shipping platform to print a delivery note and freight label.

Put away

The system finds the optimal placement for the product based on rules such as the product’s present location, dimensions, orders, or min/max.

Order picking

Sales orders are transferred automatically to your warehouse management system, which calculates picking routes that allow you to pick more orders at once.

Take a guided tour through our Apport Cloud Demo

Dive into our demo and see how easily and efficiently your warehouse can be managed with Apport Cloud. Experience how the system can be the key to more profitable inventory management for your business while ensuring tracking and documentation of all goods in your warehouse. From the moment the item arrives at the warehouse until it leaves the warehouse again.

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ABC classification
Multiple warehouse locations
Packaging calculation
Purchase orders
Collect product-, batch and serialno. and date management
Standard placement rules
Custom placement rules
Singlepick and multipick
Custom rules for picking routes
Pick by Voice
Fulfill and move items
Min./max. rules
Manual shipping
3. party systems
Produktion & Automatisering
Production - MES
Automation - AutoStore

Integrate with your other systems

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