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Synchronize Inventory Across Multiple Webshops

Synchronize your sellable inventory across webshops

Your benefit with the feature

If you have multiple webshops that share product inventory for sales, Apport can ensure that inventories are automatically synchronized across your webshops. This way, you can be sure never to oversell your products. The warehouse management system automatically updates your inventories across your webshops, meaning that when a product is sold or returned, the sellable inventory is updated on all your webshops—completely automatically and seamlessly.

Advantages of the feature

Eliminate errors

Integrated systems eliminate human errors, saving time on manual data entry.

Real-Time adjustments

Inventory synchronizations happen automatically around the clock in real-time. From the moment a product is sold, it takes a maximum of 3 minutes for all webshops to be updated.

Bringing it all together

Apport WMS connects the dots between all webshops and your inventories, synchronizing them always completely automatically.

Inventory management

The warehouse management system keeps inventories updated across all webshops to prevent overselling of products.

Sell broadly without fear

You can easily sell your products across your webshops and let them share the total sellable inventory.

One master system. No headaches.

Apport WMS becomes your master system for all your inventory, updating your webshops both for sales and product returns.

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