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Return orders

Easily manage your return orders

Benefits of the Feature

Speed up warehouse operations by processing return items faster and more easily. With the handheld terminal, returns are handled and the customer’s refund is automatically initiated.

Advantages of the Feature

Automatic refund

Customers are automatically refunded when the product is received at the warehouse.

Real-Time updates

The webshop’s inventory is automatically updated when the product is placed back in a salable location.

Streamlined processes

The return process can be applied to all sales orders handled in the warehouse system.

Simple process

Upon receiving return orders at the warehouse, all returned products follow a standard flow.


Quickly search for a sales order on the terminal to start receiving return orders.


Place return items in quarantine location, for instance, for repairs.

Usage of the feature

Apport Terminal

Feature's flow during integration

Inventory management with Apport Pro explained in under 2.5 minutes.

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