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Purchasing and Stock Management

Combine your purchasing with your inventory management

Benefits of the feature

Integrate your inventory management and purchasing with a purchasing module in Apport Cloud. Easily create purchase orders, download, and send them to your supplier when inventory is low. Automatically calculate how much to order based on your set critical and optimal inventory levels or predict based on your sales history how much you should order.

Advantages of the feature

Overview of all your suppliers

Create your suppliers and have an overview of all your suppliers and the products you buy from them.

Automatic calculation

Let the purchasing module automatically calculate how much to buy based on your current inventory.

Tailored to your figures

The purchasing module makes calculations based on your critical and optimal inventory levels set in Apport WMS.

Predict and match seasonal fluctuations

Use the forecast function to predict increased or decreased needs based on your sales history, especially useful for holidays.

Save a draft

Save a draft of an order until you get the green light from your supplier. You can also always change the ordered quantity, delete or add products if your supplier has delivery challenges.

Create purchase order

Save your purchasing drafts as purchase orders, making it more efficient for your employees to receive the orders in goods reception using the handheld terminal.

Usage of the Feature


Feature's flow during integration

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