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Picking Methods and Order Picking

Structure your picking process

Your benefits with the feature

Get structure in your order picking process so that orders can be sent to your customers quickly and error-free. With the handheld terminal, which guides your employees easily and efficiently to the correct locations, there’s no longer such a thing as going in vain to empty locations.

Advantages of the feature

Optimized picking

Pick multiple orders simultaneously using a picking cart.

Easy employee expansion

Avoid order picking congestion, as employees can be trained and hired for order picking easily.

Minimize picking errors

By scanning the product's barcode during order picking, picking errors are minimized.

Easy training

Spend a maximum of 30 minutes on training new employees, as they simply need to follow instructions on the handheld terminal.

Customized picking

Pick one order at a time if you are dealing with orders that have a large volume.


Easily verify products with images of the items on the handheld terminal.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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