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Partial delivery

Partial delivery of your orders

Benefits of the feature

With Apport’s partial delivery function, you can easily deliver parts of a customer order if, for instance, one of the items is on backorder from your supplier. You can choose to partially deliver the order to your customer and send the remaining items when your inventory is replenished, or opt to reserve the items you have in stock for the order and only ship when all the customer’s items are in stock.

Advantages of the feature

Meet customer needs

Don’t let stock shortages restrict you from delivering parts of the order to your customer.

Avoid stalled orders

Expedite as many orders as possible, so they aren’t held back due to stock shortages.

Control over delivery

Choose whether to partially deliver immediately or reserve items in stock until all parts are available.

Automatic reservation

Set up flows for order types that you want to automatically reserve all available items in stock until the rest of the order arrives.

Easy manual handling

Assist customer service in quickly releasing parts of an order to a customer, if they want part of their order delivered.

Automatic creation of partial deliveries

For order types where you always want partial delivery, easily set up a flow to ensure this happens automatically.

Usage of the Feature


Feature's flow during integration

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