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Open API / Webhooks Access

Easily integrate Apport with your existing systems

Benefits of the feature

With an open API, Apport’s warehouse management can be easily linked with your existing systems. The open API allows integration with your webshop, ERP, and/or transport system (TA-system). This ensures a complete flow from the customer’s order on the website to the order’s dispatch from the warehouse. This saves many hours and resources by allowing the systems to automatically communicate and keep you updated with a real-time picture of the information.

Advantages of the feature

Overview of your warehouse inventories

The system keeps inventories updated on the webshop to prevent over-selling of products

Reduce the number of errors

Integrated systems mean less room for human error. It also saves time taken for manual entry.


Achieve a fully integrated flow from customer order to dispatch from the warehouse. This provides an overview and frees up resources.

Real-time updates

With full integration between systems, both you and your customers can get information in real time. This allows for providing the best customer service.

Compatibility with your system

Apport's warehouse management is compatible with your existing systems, so you don't have to worry about restructuring your systems.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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