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Move Products Between Locations

Make products available for sale or free up warehouse space by moving products between storage locations

Benefits of the Feature

Move products from one storage location to another to make them available for sale or to free up warehouse space. Products can also be quarantined by placing them in non-salable storage locations, or the product’s storage location can be optimized for picking.

Advantages of the feature

Ensures accurate information

Ensures physical inventory matches the inventory recorded by the warehouse system.

Utilize warehouse space

Consolidate inventory and free up space by grouping similar products at one location.

Flexibility for changes

Easily move products between locations for promotions or warehouse restructuring.

Optimize warehouse space

Efficiently move all products from one location to another with a single move.

Overview of your products

Update product dimensions or EAN code when moving to a different location.

Easy restructuring

Move products between pick locations and quarantine locations for quality checks or repairs.

Usage of the Feature

Man with box

Feature's flow during integration

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