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Goods Receipt

Streamline your goods receiving process

Benefits of the feature

Ensure that your employees can quickly register the receipt of products from your purchase orders, and that they receive the correct products and the right quantity.

Advantages of the feature

Simple preparation

An area for goods receiving where employees prepare products for placement in the warehouse.

Inventory status

Inventory in the webshop is automatically updated when products are received.

Quality control

The ability to place products in quarantine locations for quality control before sale.

Inventory overview

Continuous monitoring and reconciliation of received quantity versus ordered quantity.

Product information​

Update product dimensions or EAN codes during the employee's execution of goods receiving.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration


When goods receiving is completed, the warehouse system sends information to the webshop to update the inventory of the received products.


Products are only reserved for sales orders and made ready for picking on the handheld terminal after they have been placed in pick locations.

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