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FIFO Reservation

Automatic reservation following the FIFO principle

Your benefit with the feature

When an order is completed on the webshop, the ordered products are automatically reserved. This means that the products ordered are reserved at the picking locations. Thus, the warehouse management system ensures that employees are never sent out to pick items that are not in stock. Additionally, the handheld terminal guides the employee to the correct locations where the reserved products are located.

Advantages of the feature


Manually reserve products for an order in Cockpit if not all products are in stock.


The warehouse management system automatically reserves products for all orders.

Forward locations

Override the rules set based on the FIFO principle by using forward locations.


Products that were ordered first are also the products that are sold first.

Quick processing

Products are reserved for the specific order only when all products are in stock.

Usage of the feature


Feature's Ffow during integration

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