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One Piece Pick

Streamline the picking of single-piece orders

Your benefits with the feature

Do you have many orders consisting of just one item and one piece each? Then our one-piece pick is definitely for you. The warehouse management system will automatically group all single-piece orders into one job, saving both time and walking distance in the warehouse. This means you can pick, for example, 50 orders at once.

Advantages of the feature

Efficient picking

Automatically consolidate many single-piece orders into a larger picking job. If you have space, you might be able to pick 100 orders at once!

Fewer picking jobs, many orders

Streamline the picking process by consolidating orders and generating as few picking jobs as possible. Combined with minimizing walking distance, this is the fastest and most efficient way to pick.

Delivery reliability

The feature ensures high efficiency without compromising delivery reliability. Efficiency ensures that the correct product is delivered on time.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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