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Materiale stamdata

Collect material master data on handheld terminal

Your benefits with the feature

To ensure the most efficient processes in the warehouse, it can be a significant advantage to have control over the master data of your products, such as length, height, width, weight, and EAN. If the warehouse management system has access to this data, it can ensure the correct calculation of shipment weight and ensure that the system calculates the correct box size for your orders, among other things.

Advantages of the feature

Collect data directly in Goods Receipt

When you receive your products on the handheld terminal, you can easily update the product's master data in the same workflow.

Quick Training in Processes

Accurate master data opens up opportunities to automate warehouse processes, such as box calculation, placement, and replenishment. All processes are configured so that the user receives instructions on the most efficient box/location for the product's size. This makes it easy to seek assistance during peak times without compromising efficiency or quality.

Pick in shipping packaging

With updated dimensions of your products, Apport WMS can calculate which box(es) an order should be shipped in. You can pick the products directly into the packaging they are intended to be shipped in, saving repackaging efforts.

Pick in fitting packaging

Ensure that you minimize any wasted space/air when packing your orders. This reduces the use of packaging and any fillers in the boxes.

Always Up-to-Date data

When a product's dimensions, weight, or EAN are updated in the warehouse management system, the same data is automatically updated in your webshop/ERP system.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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