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Automatic printing of shipping labels

Optimize the order shipping process

Benefits of the feature

Divide your picking and shipping flow into two processes in your warehouse. The aim of making these processes independent is to eliminate potential bottlenecks between your picking and order shipping. This allows for easy reallocation of resources from order picking to shipping or vice versa.

Advantages of the feature

Correct matching

Simplify for users to match orders with the correct shipping label.

Easy Integration

Integrate your shipping platform with the warehouse system.

Simple and easy

Easily change the carrier and weight directly on the handheld terminal when creating a shipment.


Automate the shipping process for quick order handling.

Avoid errors

Eliminate errors by starting the print of the shipping label only after the order is fully picked.

Order handling

Minimize the risk of mixing up orders by handling them individually in the shipping process.

Usage of the Feature


Feature's flow during integration

Automatic printing

Automatic printing requires integration with a transport platform. Apport has standard integrations with Webshipper, Shipmondo, Consignor, or Unifaun. If you wish to integrate directly with a shipping provider, see our open API, which allows you to create your own integrations.


During shipping, upon completion of picking on the handheld terminal, the warehouse system sends information to the integrated shipping platform, which prepares the shipment and prints the shipping label. Then, the customer's webshop is notified that the order has been processed and shipped.

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