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Automatic creation of replenishment jobs

Benefits of the feature

Maximize your warehouse space with buffer and pick locations. The system ensures products are always at your pick locations, so employees don’t have to pick from inefficient buffer locations.

Advantages of the feature

Ideal pick locations

Optimize the picking process with pick and buffer locations, making products easily accessible for pickers.

Coherence between warehouse departments

A replenishment job is created when an order awaits products only found at a buffer location.


Users are automatically assigned replenishment jobs to move the correct amount of products from buffer to pick locations.

Reduce walking distance and save time

Strategically place pickable products near the shipping area to save time and reduce walking distance.

Stay ahead

Users are automatically assigned a replenishment job if a pick location reaches its minimum inventory.

Data-based knowledge

Quickly create replenishment tasks to ensure inventory at pick locations, enabling efficient order picking.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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