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Adjust Inventory

Make it easy to adjust inventory

Benefits of the feature

The warehouse system makes it easy to regulate the inventory of products in the warehouse. For example, inventory can be easily adjusted due to a complaint, if a product is damaged, or if a multipack is broken down into individual items for sale.

Advantages of the Feature


Manually adjust the inventory of products that have gone out of synchronization.

Automatic update

Inventory adjustments can automatically update the saleable quantity on the webshop.


Easily break down a multipack with multiple item numbers so that the products can be split into saleable individual items.


Use reason codes so there is always knowledge of why a correction was made to the product.

Real-time updated inventory

Update product dimensions or EAN codes while adjusting the inventory.


Get statistics on product adjustments based on reason codes.

Easy creation

Easily create a multipack inventory by listing the main product and subtracting individual items.


Create and define your own reason codes for inventory breakdown and creation.

Usage of the feature


Feature's flow during integration

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