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Features in Apport Warehouse System

Get sharp on the features in Apport

Let your business grow by automating logistics and processes in the warehouse. Take control of all warehouse processes with the warehouse system and experience how warehouse logistics reach new records. Your customers will thank you for it.

All the smart features

With Apport Pro WMS, you get professional warehouse management, and the warehouse system is packed with smart features that are with you all the way. From the customer’s checkout to when the order is dispatched. If the customer returns goods, you can easily handle it in your warehouse management system. The warehouse system’s features are broad-ranging, and both basic and advanced features contribute to making the entire warehouse process efficient, simple, and error-free. Dive into the features here.

Adjust inventory

The warehouse system makes it easy to adjust the inventory of products in the warehouse. For example, inventory can easily be adjusted due to a complaint.

Calculate inventory value

Keep track of your business with a continuous calculation of the value of your inventory. Simply make sure that you have control over cost prices and inventory.

Collect material master data on handheld terminal

Automate your warehouse processes by getting control of your goods master data: Length, height, width, weight, and EAN.


With the Dashboard, you have a visual overview of the warehouse’s key figures, so you can assess how to allocate employees on tasks.

FIFO reservation

When an order is placed on the webshop, the products are automatically reserved at the picking locations. The employee is thus never sent out on a pick in vain.

Goods receipt

Effective goods receipt, where your employees can quickly and easily register the receipt of the purchased products.

Intelligent order prioritization

Let the warehouse system’s intelligence drive the prioritization of order handling in the warehouse, so it fits your business processes.

Inventory count

With the warehouse system, counting and reconciling the warehouse becomes easy and efficient. The process ensures correct inventory at all locations.

Move products to new location

Make products available for sale or free up space in the warehouse by moving products between storage locations, so their locations are always optimized for picking.

Overview of purchase orders

Upload all purchase orders to the warehouse system and get an overview, so you can easily plan your staffing in the goods reception.

Optimize picking jobs

The warehouse system assembles picking routes with orders, where the goods are located as close to each other as possible. Employees can thus pick much more efficiently.

Open API/Webhooks

With an open API, Apport warehouse management can easily be linked with your existing systems. This ensures a complete flow throughout the order’s journey.


Customers don’t like to wait. Therefore, do not let a lack of goods in stock limit you in delivering parts.

Pick single piece orders

Save time and streamline your workflow with One Piece Pick. By combining a lot of single piece orders into one picking job, many walking meters are saved.

Placement and routes

Save time and walking distance with the warehouse system, which calculates the most optimal routes for placing products.

Purchasing and managing goods

Combine your WMS and your purchasing with a purchasing module in Apport WMS, which automatically calculates how much you need to order.

Return orders

Easily handle your return orders with the handheld terminal, which automatically initiates return processes and refunds to your customer.


Keep track of inventory with automatic creation of replenishment jobs. Thus, there are always products at the picking locations.

Structured picking process

Get structure over your picking processes with the handheld terminal as a guide for your warehouse employees, so customers can quickly and flawlessly receive their orders.


Streamline the shipping process by dividing the flow of picking and shipping, thus eliminating potential bottlenecks between picking and order shipping.

Synchronize inventory

Make it easy to sell goods across your webshops by implementing automatic inventory synchronization.

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