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Make your warehouse your competitive advantage with a WMS

Maximum warehouse optimization with a WMS

In many warehouses, employees still walk around with lists printed from the ERP system. As the warehouse grows, this quickly becomes an inefficient and overwhelming way to work. The Apport Warehouse Management System creates warehouse optimization by automating manual processes and giving warehouse workers an overview that enables them to perform their work faster and better.

The system uses the latest technology – such as voice control, voice picking, barcodes, and wireless data capture – to streamline warehouse routines. This typically results in a warehouse efficiency improvement of 25-40%.

Picking errors are expensive in several ways, which is why a reduction in picking errors is an important advantage of Apport WMS. By automating the manual procedures that allow for errors, Apport Warehouse Management Systems ensures that picking errors are almost completely eliminated.

Get control over all your processes

An old-fashioned warehouse can be chaotic. Apport WMS gives you a real-time overview of alle the processes taking place in your warehouse. Your employees always know which task to do and how to do it optimally. This gives the employees peace of mind, which in turn makes your business a more attractive place to work.

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Arrival registration

The arrival of the delivery is registered, and your ERP system is automatically informed, so you can quickly get an overview of whether there is a need for the goods in picking.

Put away

Items are placed according to dimensions or volume, based on either ABC categories or ABC optimization. The system calculates optimal placement routes.

Order picking

Pick items for production orders and pick directly into shipping packages. Handle orders that lack inventory with partial picking. You can also use the voice-directed pick-by-voice feature to pick items.


Complete order picking on the handheld terminal and let the system carry out shipping and automatic integration into TA systems, as well as printing of delivery notes, contents, labels, and shipping labels. The system consolidates your orders and handles your shipping units at different locations in the shipping area. Reading of shipping units in relation to deliveries.

Goods reception

Receive and register goods from the delivery. Use cross-docking to handle sales orders directly in goods reception. The system collects information such as dimensions, weight and barcodes, and data such as serial number, batch number and expiry date.


Let the system generate end-of-run, periodic or spontaneous count jobs or create manual counts. The counts are carried out while the warehouse is in operation, so you avoid the resource-demanding annual count.


The system allows for both replenishment of goods from buffer locations to picking locations and replenishment to forward locations upon order demand. Replenishment to the maximum level or from a remote location is also possible.

Integrates easily with your existing systems

Make your warehouse strategic with our add-on modules

Our warehouse management system enables you to collect data and use it to make better and more proactive decisions. Read our e-book “How to Get Modern Business Intelligence in the Warehouse,” or contact us to learn more.

With the archiving module you can store your data for longer for e.g. BI use.

Get a momentary snapshot of whats going on at your warehouse with selected KPI's.

Apport Data Analyzer gives you extensive insight into the activities in the warehouse.

Apport Autostore-Framework integrates the autostore solution with the rest of your warehouse and creates coherency, especially for companies that have picks in and outside of autostore. 

Apport MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) handles the communication between the warehouse and production.

WCS (Warehouse control system) is a additional module, that makes it possible to integrate your other systems.

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