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Apport Advanced

A warehouse management system that scales with you

Manage all your processes

Apport Advanced is a scalable warehouse management system that ensures tracking and documentation for all items in your warehouse. This occurs from when the item arrives at the warehouse until when it leaves. 

Arrival registration

Register your items upon their arrival at your warehouse, to notify the purchasing department that they have arrived.

Goods receipt

The handheld terminal makes it possible for you to receive goods from your supplier while you collect the product’s series-no., batch no. or expiration date.

Put away

The system finds the optimal placement for the product based on rules such as the product’s present location, dimensions, orders or min/max.

Inventory counting

The system is able to create automatic counting jobs based on the date, zero point, min./max., or locations to avoid annual inventory counting. 


The system will automatically create refill requests to the users in the warehouse based on sales orders or min/max inventories.

Order picking

Sales orders are transferred automatically to your warehouse management systems which calculates picking routes that allows you to pick more orders at once.

Pack and ship

Terminate the order pick on the handheld terminal and let the system notify your shipping platform to print a delivery note and freight label.

Integrate with your existing systems

‘Our customers have high expectations for security of supply, so we need to have full control of our items to be able to deliver the correct product at the correct time.’


100% tracking of items

Warehouse management principles

Minimise physical handling of goods

Is easy to scale up and down.

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