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Effective and Secure Fleet Management for Mobile Robots

Meili Robots is a provider of Meili FMS, a universal fleet management system for mobile robots that allows users to monitor their entire fleet from one platform, optimizing efficiency and safety. With features like mission management, route planning, and traffic control, Meili FMS streamlines operations and enhances automation capabilities by eliminating interoperability issues for seamless fleet management.

Your benefits with a Meili Robots partnership

Together with our partner Meili Robots we believe that we can create better joint solutions for our customers.

OEM Independence

Meili FMS gives end-users the freedom to add any type or brand of robot to their existing fleet.

Bridge Between Technologies

Meili FMS securely connects robot vendors' fleet management systems by seamlessly integrating into users' WMS.


Meili FMS enables users to scale their business in the future and have various options for robots when making decisions.

Learn more about a solution with Meili Robots and Apport

Apport helps optimize and streamline the warehouse at companies. We think people before machines, and processes before technologies. Together with our partner Meili Robots we are strongest at solving both large and small tasks.