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Cloud-based Customs Solution Supporting the Entire Customs Process

Lector offers a wide range of IT services. From complete solutions for managing customs storage, document handling, and case management, to increased knowledge sharing and streamlining workflows. We do this based on the customer’s world and the end result is better economics, time savings, and more satisfied employees. Logistics Trading Services (LTS) is a cloud-based standard solution that supports the entire customs process from importing goods from non-EU countries, customs storage accounting, to sales to countries inside or outside the EU.

Your benefits with a Lector partnership

Together with our partner Lector we believe that we can create better joint solutions for our customers.

LTS automates and optimizes customs processes

LTS - a cloud-based customs solution that supports the entire customs process, from importing goods from outside the EU, customs accounting, to sales within or outside the EU.

Optimization and automation

The company can manage all customs processes itself, thus exploiting the opportunities that LTS offers with a focus on optimizing and automating the customs procedures. By reusing data from the company's ERP system, all data remains internal to the company, and the history of all transactions will be easily accessible in case of customs control.

Full documentation

LTS ensures full documentation for all customs-related transactions and contributes to ensuring that the company is compliant at all times according to customs legislation.

Learn more about a solution with Lector and Apport

Apport helps optimize and streamline the warehouse at companies. We think people before machines, and processes before technologies. Together with our partner Lector we are strongest at solving both large and small tasks.