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Warehouse Logistics Consulting

IWS has over 25 years of experience in warehouse logistics and knows that about 80% of all warehouses can reduce their operational costs. IWS will show in a simple and clear way what logistics is and the fantastic development potential available if logistics are improved in the right way. We also know that you should never change anything without first investigating whether it is necessary at all. The goal is always to create profitability by optimizing the warehouse’s current resources in the best possible way. Sometimes, it just takes placing the goods in their right spots based on an ABC layout.

Your benefits with a IWS partnership

Together with our partner IWS we believe that we can create better joint solutions for our customers.

We start with a data analysis

The idea of data analysis is to take the temperature of the warehouse. By analyzing all invoice data from a selected period (preferably 12 months), we get information about all the activities in the warehouse.

Get a simulation developed

With simulation and data analysis tools, it is possible to create a model of a warehouse including goods receipt, picking, handling full pallets, packing, and shipping. Throughout the supply chain.

Proper goods placement often improves warehouse operations by 15-20%

We map the entire warehouse and insert all the locations, both on pallet racks and all other locations. Then we load data from the data analysis into the program. Now we can see where all the goods are placed.

Learn more about a solution with IWS and Apport

Apport helps optimize and streamline the warehouse at companies. We think people before machines, and processes before technologies. Together with our partner IWS we are strongest at solving both large and small tasks.