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Innovator in AIDC and Leader in Industrial Products

Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services business creates mobile computers, print-ers, and data capture devices that improve worker productivity in thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. Achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy in your de-manding distribution center (DC) and warehouse operations with Honeywell Voice technol-ogy. We’ll move your workers safely and efficiently through voice-guided workflows, making their jobs easier and helping you run a smarter, better business. Honeywell Voice technology can direct your associates—working both hands-free and eyes-free- through their mobile workflows to minimize steps and maximize efficiencies.

Your benefits with a Honeywell partnership

Together with our partner Honeywell we believe that we can create better joint solutions for our customers.

Improve Operational Accuracy

By leveraging a voice-directed, hands-free/eyes-up technology, order error rates will typically be reduced by 50 to 90%. Further, with your orders delivered correctly the first time, incurred costs are avoided in many areas of the value chain, including administrative charges, re-picks, re-delivery and cost of lost sales.

Increase Worker Productivity

The solution enhances WMS use by reducing order cycle times throughout a warehouse and optimizing its picking processes. Voice automation enables employees to work at peak performance with the elimination of distractions and unnecessary steps — which is crucial when employees are incentivized and compensated on metrics like pick rate and accuracy.

Optimize Staffing for Greater Labor Savings

With the inherent voice-driven nature of the solution, training and onboarding times are reduced for cross-training, new hires and temporary employees. It also supports incentive programs and expands the pool of potential workers, with multilingual capabilities that cover more than 50 different languages and dialects.

Learn more about a solution with Honeywell and Apport

Apport helps optimize and streamline the warehouse at companies. We think people before machines, and processes before technologies. Together with our partner Honeywell we are strongest at solving both large and small tasks.