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Honeywell Voice helps you offer your customers better service

Honeywell Voice is proven to deliver the following transformative benefits to your warehouse operations: Increase productivity by more than 30%; Achieve 99.99% picking accuracy rates; Improve worker safety by up to 20%; Reduce attrition rates by 30%; Reduce worker training time by up to 85%.

Your benefits with a Honeywell partnership

Together with our partner Honeywell we believe that we can create better joint solutions for our customers.

Move your people to where you need them most

Honeywell Voice automatically directs associates to their next task or location, prompting them with verbal instructions, regardless of the warehouse workflow. As they complete tasks, data is communicated back to the host system to provide a real-time view of progress

Operational analytics

Honeywell Voice provides advanced data collection, automated documentation and analytics capabilities that allow you to optimize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring process compliance. DC managers can use this data to make informed decisions and meet anticipated demands.

Seamless System Integration

Flexible for operations large and small, Honeywell Voice software integrates with most host systems. It is also designed to work with both Honeywell A700x and other mobile devices, including those that run on the Android platform.

Learn more about a solution with Honeywell and Apport

Apport helps optimize and streamline the warehouse at companies. We think people before machines, and processes before technologies. Together with our partner Honeywell we are strongest at solving both large and small tasks.