Rubix increases efficiency with 20-25 percent using Apport WMS

For a commerce company such as Rubix, it is crucial to be able to deliver wares efficiently and without errors, and on Rubix’s warehouse in Helsingborg, Apport WMS has helped to do so. Ever since the implementation, efficiency has increased with 20-25 percent and their picking error percent has decreased 77 percent.

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“Our picking errors have decreased 77 percent. This is important, because we hold in high regard, the ability to make the right delivery every time. Simultaneously, we can now track the few errors that may happen. This way we can see exactly where in the warehouse it happened and which employee did the picking. This way, we can prevent it from happening again.”

– Lennart Andersson, Senior Advisor & Operations Manager.


The need to deliver the right product at the right time and place

Rubix specializes in the selling and distribution of electromotor and when one of Rubix’s customers place an order, it is often one that requires urgent taking care of.

“When they need a spare part, it might be because a machine has broken down and production has stalled. They’re dependent on us delivering the right product at the right time and place.”

“If we make mistakes, they start looking about for another supplier the next time, so it is crucial to us that our warehouse functions optimally” says Lennart Andersson, Senior Advisor & Operations Manager at Rubix and responsible for the operations at the company’s main warehouse in Helsingborg.

Choosing Apport

”Apport listened and took us seriously”

Since September 2012, Apport WMS has been the technical solution behind the efficient logistics. Before the transition to Apport WMS, the employees of Rubix went around with pen and paper, but as the need for efficiency became clear, the company started in 2010 looking for possible WMS suppliers.


“We considered three different suppliers. It was critical to us that we found a supplier, who understood our challenges and what we wanted. Apport Systems was capable of telling us exactly how they would solve the task and we visited some of their customers who confirmed the good first impression, we had gotten.” says Lennart Andersson about the reason for choosing Apport.

That fact that we chose a foreign supplier, did not cause us to worry very much.

“Naturally, it was something, we thought of, but there isn’t really that big of a language barrier, so we didn’t wory. The important was that we felt that Apport listened to us and took us seriously,” says Lennart Andersson.

The implementation
A WMS that is easy to learn

On September 17, 2012, the first items on Rubix’s warehouse were picked with Apport WMS, and the 32 employees in the warehouse have welcomed the new warehouse system. Together with Apport, Rubix has ensured that the project was well-rooted and that every employee were taught in the system before it went live.

“We have appointed five super-users, who have been there right from the start, and they can now make sure to educate new staff. The system is very easy to learn, and it is a big advantage when, for example, we have to hire temporary staff during the summer period, “says Lennart Andersson.

The result
A much more efficient warehouse

Lennart Andersson believes that Rubix has achieved all the benefits that the company had hoped for.

“We can conclude that our warehouse has become much more efficient. Without having measured it accurately, I estimate that we have improved our efficiency by 20-25 percent. Specifically, this means that we work fewer hours to pack the same number of items. We have shortened working hours on our night team,” he says.

Not least the automation of the processes in the warehouse saves a lot of time.

“Previously we would enter data manually into our ERP system, but now we can read it automatically, and that’s a big advantage,” he says.

With 5.300 m2 of warehouse and more than 20.000 different item numbers, there is a risk of making mistakes, but Apport WMS wanted to help with this situation. Rubix had anticipated in advance that the number of errors in the warehouse would be smaller, but they were still surprised at how much of a difference Apport made.

Specifically, this means that we work fewer hours to pack the same number of items. We have shortened working hours on our night teams.”

“Our picking errors have fallen by 77 percent. It’s important because it has such a high priority for us to be able to deliver correctly every time. At the same time, we can now track the few mistakes that occur, so we can see exactly where in the warehouse it has taken place and which employee did the picking. This way we have the opportunity to prevent it from happening again,” explains Lennart Andersson.

Process optimization
Full control of all goods

Controlling the warehouse and the goods is the most crucial difference between the warehouse before and after the implementation of Apport. Today, there is a complete overview of inventory and the location of the individual order in the system, which is extremely important, explains Lennart Andersson.

“We have much more control of all items. We know exactly where they are and we can see how far any given order is in the process. Previously, a salesman could call and ask where a particular delivery was and then I had to go to the warehouse and find someone who knew it. Now I just have to pick it up and I can give you an exact reply right away, “says Lennart Andersson and continues:

“Now we also have the ability to easily manage the orders through the system, so if a customer calls and needs a product in half an hour, we can quickly drive it through the warehouse. We have a much more flexible warehouse now, and Apport has been a very good partner for us throughout the process, “says Lennart Andersson.

People. Process. Results.

Process over technology. At Apport, we focus on changing the processes that matter the most to the warehouse’s effectiveness.

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  • Rubix is Europe’s leading distributor of maintenance, repairs and products for industry – in the form of ball bearings, electric motors, frequency converters and hydraulics.

  • The Scandinavian main warehouse located in Helsingborg is 5.300 m2 with over 20.000 item numbers.

    • Scandinavian headquarters in Bergen and service centers in 12 different destinations throughout Scandinavia.