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Reduce your working capital with an intelligent warehouse - the CFO guide to business intelligence in the warehouse

Scandinavian companies have an unnecessary amount of money tied in to working capital, and a significant amount of this lies in the warehouses.

Nevertheless, the warehouse has not been a focus area when the CFO has chosen which levers to turn when trying to optimize the company’s economy.

Part of the explanation is a slow digitalization, lack of insight into important data and inspiration on how to translate data insights into optimization.

We have written this whitepaper to you as a CFO to show how, with a digitalized warehouse and a modern business intelligence tool, you can use knowledge from the warehouse to support strategic decisions about, among other things, reducing working capital.

Download the whitepaper and read about:
  • Digitalization of the supply chain is a necessity, not a possibility
  • Use insight in warehouse data to improve logistics agreements with customers and suppliers
  • Qualify your forecasts using insights in historical data
  • Reduce warehouse ties by identifying goods with low turn over
  • Optimize within the framework instead of renting, buying or building something new.

WMS optimizes the warehouse by 25-40%​