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How to get modern business intelligence in your warehouse

Download the white paper and read about how to improve warehouse productivity significantly using Business Intelligence.

There is gold stored in the piles of data that the WMS system collects through an ordinary day in the warehouse.

But without a system to convert this data to usable knowledge, it is impossible to realize this potential. This is why we have developed a Business Intelligence module.

We call it Apport Data Analyzer.

In this white paper, you can read about why the warehouse needs Business Intelligence and how to use it in practice. You can also read about how two companies, who already has Apport Data Analyzer implemented, utilize it.


  • Interview with a data expert: ”There is a huge unrealized potential in the warehouse”
  • How Apport Data Analyzer works
  • Stuff you can do with Apport Data Analyzer – 3 examples on productive analyzes.
  • Two cases: How Coolshop and Culina are using Apport Data Analyzer.

WMS optimizes the warehouse by 25-40%​