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Who is Apport?

Apport is one of the leading Warehouse Management System Suppliers and Apport has optimized warehouse logistics for companies all over Scandinavia since its start in 2000.

“At Apport the customer is the main focus. Therefore, we always make sure that the customer gets the highest possible value through a partnership with us. Success is created through people and qualified colleagues with a responsible, committed, and passionate work effort. Therefore, our employees are essential for our continued success”, explains Jakob Krogh, CEO at Apport.

The foundation is a strong WMS, but it is our focus on people and change processes that make all the difference. The technique is an essential tool. However, it is people who make differences. Therefore, our statement is:

People over systems. 
Process over technology. 
Results above all.

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Meet your new colleagues

Bo Kristensen udtaler sig om Apport som arbejdsplads

In my job at Apport, I’m challenged since our customer base is broad with a lot of specialized solutions. Therefore, there are rarely two comparable cases. Our customer segment is broad, and it is both small companies with a high focus on precision to larger companies with a high focus on effectiveness.”

Listen to Bo explain about his job as Consultant Manager and what he thinks about his job at Apport.

Merete udtaler sig om Apport

“At Apport there is room for everyone. People like each other and as colleagues, we talk well. There is a good working environment and we are great at supporting each other across departments. People have a positive mind making the working environment pleasant.”

Merete tells about how it is to work as Application supporter at Apport and how she works together with her colleagues.

Allan udtaler sig om Apport

“One of the things which makes the culture cool at Apport is the teamwork. Even if you work independently with a task there is an open office culture and you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about problems that may arise. We share knowledge across professional groups and colleagues.”

Listen to Allan who shares his thoughts about the culture at Apport and his job as Implementation Consultant.

What do we offer?

Part of a community

At Apport you become part of a company with a well-functioning and active staff association, who makes sure it is not just the professional challenges, that unites the employees.

We participate in the DHL race, have barbecues, go to the movies, watch football together and a lot of other stuff. Every Friday we all meet and have breakfast together.

These social gatherings empower our mutual bond and work as the social kit, that connects the different professional groups of people together through laughs and fun experiences.

Besides this, you get our lunch arrangement, fruit arrangement, health insurance plus more at Apport.