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Gain a competitive advantage with inventory management and optimization

Is your warehouse inefficient, growing, or has it simply become a time-consuming task? We have written about 20 ways you can optimize your inventory.

Inventory Optimization

Apport’s Warehouse Management System reduces inventory costs without compromising on logistics, quality, and efficiency. Inventory management automates manual procedures, creating surplus and clarity among employees, enabling them to work faster and handle tasks better.

Apport’s WMS is not only for companies with large or growing warehouses. It will be a huge benefit for companies with high-value goods that have long storage times and for companies where inventory turnover is unknown. The more integrated your inventory system is with other systems your company uses, the less administration and the greater competitiveness.

Apport Inventory Optimization

To streamline inventory routines, Apport WMS uses the latest technologies in logistics and inventory optimization. Voice picking, voice commands, wireless data capture, and barcodes are examples of inventory software and technological advancements that contribute to an average efficiency improvement of 25-40% in the warehouse.

20 ways you can optimize your inventory today

Where do you start if you want to optimize your inventory? Get expert advice from four of the industry’s leading experts.

Inventory optimization leads to satisfied customers

What is inventory management? Inventory management is about increasing inventory efficiency by creating an overview, minimizing errors, and inventory shrinkage—besides, it has a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction.

Apport’s WMS brings structure and overview to the daily work of warehouse and logistics operators by automating manual workflows, thus providing a better overview that enables the operator to perform their work better and faster.

It also becomes possible to show the visitors of the webshop which items are in stock and the estimated delivery time for each item. It’s a service many take for granted but notice its absence. At the same time, it opens up the possibility of allowing customers to track their delivery.

Inventory management also provides an overview of which item numbers are in stock, which items need to be reordered soon, and which items are selling better or worse than expected. If the wrong item is issued from the warehouse, many resources are used to correct the error by returning and sending a new item. Regardless of how well a return is handled, the customer’s experience will almost always be negative.

Eliminating Picking Errors

Reducing picking errors is a common desire when we are in discussions with customers because picking errors are associated with additional costs and inefficiencies in terms of turnover and time consumption.

This challenge has been a factor in customers’ choice of inventory management software, as the implementation of this software will virtually eliminate picking errors. Think of the extra time it provides on the floor when inventory management for your store is equipped with our inventory software. There could also be significant cost savings in incorrect shipments in a busy webshop.

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