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Next-Generation ERP System

Integrating your Visma.Business NXT ERP system with Apport WMS gives your business a seamless logistical experience, helping to optimize your warehouse processes. When a customer places an order, it is automatically transferred to Apport WMS. Warehouse staff can then begin picking and packing the order for the customer once the order is retrieved from the ERP system.
Light Solutions

An integrated solution with Visma Business NXT and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent, efficient and fully up-to-date with our WMS that is fully integrated with Visma Business NXT.

Strong Data Model

The Business NXT data model has been developed over many years and rigorously tested across thousands of customers in various industries and sectors.

Open API

With an open API, you have the ability to integrate Business NXT with the solutions and systems you choose, such as Apport WMS.

Cloud-Based Solution

Unlike Visma Business, which is an on-premise solution, Business NXT is a cloud-based solution. All data is stored in the cloud, making Business NXT a modern and future-proof solution.

A simple flow between Visma Business NXT and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent and dynamic with our WMS solution, which works hand in hand withVisma Business NXT. We offer a seamless integration that ensures your warehouse is always efficient, up-to-date and ready to meet the changing demands of your business.

Step 1

Effective Inventory Management

Sales orders, purchase orders, and other tasks are automatically sent to the warehouse, where they are prioritized and delegated. This ensures no one is in doubt about what the next step is.

Step 2

Accurate and Automated Data Synchronization

Continuous updating of product master data and purchase orders between Visma.Business NXT and Apport WMS ensures accurate inventory details and availability, which optimizes inventory management and minimizes errors.

Step 3

Efficient Return Process

Apport WMS offers an advanced solution for handling returns, which enables the process to be streamlined for both credit and replacement returns.

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