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Complete Shipping Solution

You can ship worldwide across carriers from a single platform with Shipmondo. Shipmondo can help you save time and money by automating your shipping and order handling. Use Shipmondo’s shipping agreements or set up your own. Join thousands of others and create a free account.

An integrated solution with Shipmondo and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent, efficient and fully up-to-date with our WMS that is fully integrated with Shipmondo.

Ship Worldwide

Consolidate all your shipping agreements and easily manage your shipments. Automate your flow and get more out of your workflows. Utilize Shipmondo’s shipping agreements or use your own. Ship worldwide across carriers.

Boost Your Shipping

You can easily create and order shipments through Shipmondo, which has agreements with a large number of carriers. If you have your own advantageous agreements, you can also have them set up.

Pay Only for What You Use

Save time with Shipmondo. Creating an account is free, using Shipmondo's features is free, and you only pay for the labels you use. No subscription and no commitments.

A simple flow between Shipmondo and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent and dynamic with our WMS solution, which works hand in hand withShipmondo. We offer a seamless integration that ensures your warehouse is always efficient, up-to-date and ready to meet the changing demands of your business.

Step 1

Receive Orders

Shipmondo integrates directly with your webshop and allows the customer to book the shipping that best suits them.

Step 2

Pick Items

Once the order is processed by your webshop, it is automatically forwarded to Apport, where the system guides you to the most efficient picking route.

Step 3

Book Shipping

Once the order is picked and ready for dispatch, Apport automatically sends a message to Shipmondo that the shipping can be finally booked. This triggers a package label, which can be placed on the package, and the order is ready for pickup.

Learn more about the solution between Shipmondo and Apport

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