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Kickstart Your Business with a Global Ecosystem of Partners and Add-ons

Integrating your Magento webshop with Apport WMS provides your business with a seamless logistical experience, helping to optimize your warehouse processes. When a customer places an order, it is automatically transferred to Apport WMS. Warehouse staff can then start picking and packing the order once it has been retrieved from the webshop. Magento offers an integrated package that includes features such as cloud hosting and development, business intelligence, and tools to accelerate your sales. Several certified partners also offer package solutions that help you set up your webshop even faster.

An integrated solution with Magento and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent, efficient and fully up-to-date with our WMS that is fully integrated with Magento.

Low Costs

Cloud hosting eliminates the costs associated with maintaining, overseeing, and hosting an e-commerce platform, thereby reducing the total price associated with the solution. A monthly subscription makes it easy to fit into the budget.

No Limitations

Magento is a highly customizable platform that evolves with you as your website traffic increases, and as you grow into more stores, brands, channels, or product configurations.


Magento sets the standard for secure commerce solutions and is trusted by the world's fastest-growing e-commerce customer base. Magento provides the reliability you need to run your B2B or B2C business without worries.

A simple flow between Magento and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent and dynamic with our WMS solution, which works hand in hand withMagento. We offer a seamless integration that ensures your warehouse is always efficient, up-to-date and ready to meet the changing demands of your business.

Step 1

Automatic Order Transfer

When a customer places an order, it is automatically transferred to Apport WMS, where warehouse staff are efficiently guided through picking and packing the order.

Step 2

Updated Inventory

Continuous updating of inventory and product information. You can be confident that your customers always know what’s in stock, and that you can deliver.

Step 3

Flexible Management of Returns and Shipments

Easy management of return processes and partial deliveries with Apport WMS supports a smooth return and shipping procedure, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Learn more about the solution between Magento and Apport

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