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Future of inventory management with e-conomic integration

With e-conomic, you get a complete administration and accounting solution that provides you with smarter workflows in your daily life. e-conomic offers automated solutions that provide you with easy and digital workflows, freeing up resources and giving you more time to focus on what creates value for your business. You can tailor e-conomic precisely to your business needs and industry with more than 200 different add-on modules and integrations. For example, you can add modules with bank integration and automatic document handling, just like our app partners offer integrations that provide a complete accounting and administration solution.

An integrated solution with E-conomic and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent, efficient and fully up-to-date with our WMS that is fully integrated with E-conomic.

Open integration with e-conomic

There is open integration between e-conomic and other digital and administrative solutions. Therefore, you have the opportunity to get an all-around administration of your business with connections between your accounting program and, for example, inventory management, payroll, and case management.

Simple workflow

E-conomic is an easy and intuitive accounting program with a simple workflow that makes bookkeeping and your workflows in e-conomic straightforward.

Automation and digitization of workflows

At e-conomic, digitization is a priority. We strive to deliver solutions that make everyday workflows easier through automated processes, so you can save time and money and instead focus on what creates value for your business.

A simple flow between E-conomic and Apport

Make your warehouse intelligent and dynamic with our WMS solution, which works hand in hand withE-conomic. We offer a seamless integration that ensures your warehouse is always efficient, up-to-date and ready to meet the changing demands of your business.

Step 1

The company’s products are created in e-conomic and retrieved to Apport

The company’s products (product, cost price, and barcode) are created in e-conomic and retrieved to Apport. Concurrently, a supplier is created in e-conomic and retrieved to Apport, which can then be updated and used in connection with purchase orders in Apport.

Step 2

Suppliers are created in e-conomic and retrieved to Apport

Suppliers can subsequently be updated in Apport and used in connection with making your purchase orders in Apport. When purchase orders are created, a supplier invoice draft is created in e-conomic based on the purchase order.

Step 3

Sales orders are created in Apport

Sales orders are subsequently handled in your warehouse flow. Once the order is processed, an invoice draft is created, which must be approved and recorded in e-conomic.

Learn more about the solution between E-conomic and Apport

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