“That we are optimizing the customer's processes at the warehouse and that we make sure that they are able to use the system, which helps and support them in their daily tasks at the warehouse”

Allan, Implementation Consultant at Apport
Creating value for Apport customers

It is a team effort

“It is not something which I can do by myself. It is a team effort. The software which we deliver must also in the future create the right value for the customer. It is important that we optimize their processes at the warehouse and further, that we make sure they can use the system. That is why we always help and support our customers in things they do at their warehouse.

The things I do is to make sure that the customers understand how they use the software. Therefore, I am responsible for making sure that things are configured in the right way. Thus, configured so it fits the customers and how they want to work with the system.

However, it is also about being a part of the process which it is to implement a warehouse management system. It is not an office-package or something else which we just deliver to the customer and then, they are able to use it. It is definitely about change management during the implementation.

It is about making sure that the Super Users of the system understands how the WMS may help them carry out tasks. Therefore, make sure that they are trained in the right way in order to make sure that they are motivated and ready to teach their colleagues at the warehouse. This is definitely what the task is about” explains Allan.

Apport as a workplace

How will you describe the culture at Apport?

One of the things which makes the culture cool at Apport is the teamwork. Even if you work independently with a task there is an open office culture and you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about problems which may arise. Thereby, we can share knowledge across professional groups and colleagues.

The possibility to ask colleagues and share experiences if you have a problem and need advice. I believe that this is really important.

Further, our flat organisational structure and the ‘down to earth culture’ which allow us to joke with each other and talk about many different things during the day. I think this is cool!

We are not sitting behind our own small glassed-in office, but we work, talk and share experiences during the day. This is great”, explains Allan.

Three words about Apport

– Openness between colleagues

– Teamwork

– Creating value for customers

How do you work with your colleagues?

Great with a flat structure

Allan describes: “Most of the time this is when I have a problem. At Apport we are implementing a lot of systems and the customers have a lot of different needs according to their business.

Therefore, it is cool to have the possibility to ask a colleague who might have experienced something similar and are able to come with inputs and other angles to the problem which you might not have thought about.

Furthermore, it is cool that your flat structure enables us to work and solve tasks with our CEO. He always has inputs for how things are put together and can be solved in the best possible way. Therefore, I think the flat structure is really important.

“So, the possibility to talk with someone who has worked with this before and who have dealt with some of the same problems – this is incredibly beneficial”

Allan from Apport

What is the most fun experience you have had in Apport?

“It is definitely our ‘down to earth’ business approach which allows us to joke with each other during the day. Another thing is our arrangements for employees. For these events we often do something very different from our everyday life and the way we usually work together” explains Allan.

What would you like to tell if you should recommend Apport as a workplace to others?

Many of the things which we have already talked about. The flat organisational structure and the great teamwork between colleagues. This is one of the nice things being a part of the Apport team because you will never stand alone with your problems.

In the past, I have been used to work independently with my tasks and problems. Therefore, having an entire team around you and someone who have other skills than myself I think is really important. Then you can share experiences but also share tasks.

Therefore, if you should choose to work at Apport it is because you want to be at a place with a great culture where we appreciate working together as a team. Furthermore, because you like a culture where cake is preferred and almost at the table every day because if you bought a new car, did a great work with one of our customers, are going on holiday, you name it. We have an infinite number of scenarios of when to give a cake to our colleagues.

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